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Valuables protected by clay roof tiles

The Musée du Père Pinchon, Martinique built in traditional local style accommodates the extensive archaeological, botanical, ornithological, and entomological collections of Father Pinchon, making them accessible to the public. Not only does the selected Actua clay roof tile play a role in reflecting local traditions, it also is the perfect choice when it comes to withstanding cyclonic thunderstorms.

It is impossible to talk about natural history in Martinique without mentioning Father Pinchon (1913–1980). Father Pinchon was a member of the “Père du Saint-Esprit” community. As a professor of natural sciences at the Seminary College of Fort-de-France and correspondent of the Museum of Natural History in Paris, he devoted his life to making an inventory of the flora and fauna as well as the history of Martinique.

Housing a unique collection

In addition to many books that are used in private and public teaching, he also left behind an extensive and unique heritage of archaeological, botanical, ornithological, and entomological collections (almost 10,000 specimens). To pay tribute to Father Pinchon and simultaneously safeguard his collections, the decision was taken to build a museum, which is linked to Martinique’s regional archives building, so that the public can have access to and enjoy his legacy.

Roof tiles provide the ideal solution

The museum is built in traditional Martinique style in the City of Fort-de-France. In Martinique, plain tiles are traditionally used for cladding monuments. The architect in charge of this project, Alain Grainville, aimed to combine local tradition with a contemporary architectural style. He therefore chose the flat interlocking roof tile Actua multiblend from the French Wienerberger factory in Lantenne-Vertière. Besides the architect’s design considerations, the roof tile also had to withstand cyclonic storms, making the Actua flat roof tile the perfect choice. A total of approximately 16,000 roof tiles were delivered to cover a surface area of over 1,000 square metres.

  • Project name
    Musée du Père Pinchon, Martinique
  • Architect
    Alain Grainville; Roofer: Angel Construction Bois
  • Client
    Région Martinique
  • Used products

    Koramic Actua multiblend

  • Year of completion
Koramic Actua multiblend

Roof tiles

Koramic Actua multiblend