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© Sunshine Insurance Group

Traditional European style in China

The prestigious Tongzhou Project by the Sunshine Group is located on a new development site, 20 km east of Beijing, in China. A traditional European architectural style was chosen to differentiate the project from others in the area. The developers chose façade bricks in mellow tones to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In close proximity to Beijing, this area has seen significant investment recently because it is expected to become a new sub-centre of Beijing. The client, Sunshine Insurance Group, needed space for its administrative office, data centre, call centre, and a venue for its regular events and training sessions. Occupying 190,000 square metres, the project combines two large plots facing the Unyu(温楡)river to the west.

© Sunshine Insurance Group

A pleasant workplace

Located away from downtown Beijing, and surrounded by many high-rise buildings and industrial complexes, the challenge here was to create a feel-good atmosphere. The architects focused on developing a townscape with areas of fully-integrated, green landscaping. The greenery also serves to create connections between the many buildings of the complex and helps with orientation.

© Sunshine Insurance Group

European clay materials

The client wanted the development to have a strong and unique identity. At the same time, they wished to focus on the wellbeing of the people working there, and to create a connection to the environment. A traditional European style of architecture was chosen to create intimacy and a warm, liveable atmosphere. The building materials had to live up to the same standards. For the façade, red clay bricks with subtle colour variations were imported from Europe. They create the desired contrast with the grey of the granite, and ensure a warm and authentic look. European clay roof tiles complete the historic style. In contrast to the traditional appearance of the exterior, the interior of the building was designed in a modern style with contemporary, functional workplaces.

  • Project name
    Sunshine Group Tongzhou, near Beijing, China
  • Architect
    Takashi Okamoto, NIKKEN SEKKEI
  • Client
    Sunshine Insurance Group
  • Used products

    Terca Sunshine Red & Koramic Datura slate engobe

  • Year of completion

Façade bricks

Terca Sunshine red

Koramic Datura slate glazed

Roof tiles

Koramic Datura slate glazed