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Special look and protection for a landmark building

In a strategically located corner property the MS-A and V+ architectural offices designed a landmark building in Brussels, Belgium. Their concept won an award from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation with its striking appearance, private outdoor areas, apartments bathed in natural light and respect for the public space. The outstanding building is enhanced and protected by clay bricks.

The relatively small corner property with its northern orientation lies directly in the sightline of the Van Praetbrug, an important entrance point of the city of Brussels. The municipality of Schaerbeek held a competition to create a concept for a building with three public housing apartments as part of a larger urban renewal plan for the area. The architects of MS-A and V+ gave the jury a real surprise. Owing to the unique location and to serve as a counterweight to the high building on the other side of Lambermont Lane, they presented an even taller building with an iconic character providing room for five large apartments.

More living space

By leaving the property partially undeveloped along the south side, the designers created a breathing space in the inner zone and a place for south-facing facades and outdoor terraces. A cantilever along Navez Street creates a wider sidewalk and allows the layout of a spacious entrance area. The first three floors contain the same number of split-levels apartments, which are accessible from a central stairway, with the bedrooms being situated somewhat higher along the north wall.

Shining white bricks

The building was finished with glued white facing bricks. Architect Julien Deloffre (MS-A) elaborates: “In the competition phase we were already looking for a clay brick that was as white as possible, because we wanted to create a robust building. Over the long term, clay bricks are more durable regarding both maintenance and appearance. This is how we arrived at Terca Knabe F1.To avoid a façade that lacks its necessary emphasis, we conceived a flat surface, instead of one where the bricks are placed facing one another at a certain angle. In combination with the alternating sunlight, the finish gives the façade a particular texture.”

Award-winning architecture

The maintenance- friendly façade finish, the budget-friendly construction of various components and a subsidy from the Leefmilieu Brussel Authority (Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment) compensated the additional expenditures for the brick façade construction and its treatment with graffiti-resistant paint. The project received an award from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation for Public Development in the public housing category.

Special look and protection for a landmark building
  • Project name
    Passive building with 5 public housing apartments,Bussels, Belgium
  • Architect
    MS-A and V+
  • Client
    Municipality of Schaarbeek – assigned contractor: RenovaS vzw
  • Used products

    Terca Knabe F1

  • Year of completion
Terca Knabe F1

Façade bricks

Terca Knabe F1