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New Paths by the water

Brick-red ceramic products as the connecting link between the old and the new – the centre of the Dutch city of Apeldoorn has outgrown itself. In this design the used Novoton clay paver play a significant role. Apeldoorn, a city of 160,000 inhabitants, is characterised by its impressive landscape setting. It is the vibrant centre of De Veluwe, the largest continuous nature park in the Netherlands. The former royal palace can also be found in the area.

A new purpose

A long time, the city has treated the canal bank all along the Apeldoorn Canal as an orphan – a grey, unstructured and less than charming public space. The district literally huddles against the elegant city centre, but was missing any conceptual approach. However, with their design concept of “civil landscape” the architects brought new life to an area which was only used for parking in the past. They gave the canal embankment as well as its surroundings not only a completely new look, but also a new purpose.

Valuable public space

With this re-conception of the quarter close to the city centre, the planners created an attractive zone, which emphasises the variety of building types and helps the public space to be more inviting. It is now a popular residential area where people like to stay and linger. The canal embankment has turned into a social, well-used public space with terraces at the water and a large jetty.

Durability and warm appearance

When designing the concept, the planners opted for a ceramic product. “A fired material corresponds to the required quality; it is durable and has a warm appearance. The selected brown-red shade perfectly integrates into the ambience of historic and new buildings”, the designers explain. They thus succeeded to move this area closer to the city centre both visually and regarding its atmosphere. The new concept calms the previously unstructured streetscape and makes the former surroundings of the canal, which was referred to as the “citys downside”, a thing of the past.

  • Project name
    Redesign Apeldoorn Canal Embankment, Netherlands
  • Architect
    Kanaalkade Jan Albert van Buuren and Atelier Quadrat & Wiepkingstraat/Beurtvaartstraat Gerrit van Oosterom
  • Client
    City of Apeldoorn and Veluwe Water Board
  • Used products

    Penter Novoton

  • Year of completion
Penter Novoton


Penter Novoton