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© Yang Wei

Luxury show room covered with bricks

The Beijing Rong Shu Club is located in the central park of a newly-constructed community in Caiyu Town, Beijing, China. With a total construction area of 1,200 square metres, it serves as a showcase for luxury villas. European façade bricks were used as a convey high quality and to allow ventilation in the courtyard.

The project was constructed following the layout of a “Siheyuan” building. In this traditional residence, typical of North China, buildings are constructed around a courtyard, with the focus on the courtyard itself. The show home is designed so that the doors, circular openings, columns, and brick screens all relate to each other. The design elements are repeated and face each other to create a particular pattern. As you proceed further into the courtyard, the gates begin to take on the appearance of picture frames, making the scenery look like a painting. The brick screens create interplay of light and shadow, enhancing this effect.

© Yang Wei
© Yang Wei

Elegant and posh appearance

The developers wanted the building to have a humble façade and to convey a sense of simplicity, yet also joy and elegance. A large-scale moon gate is another reference to traditional Chinese architecture. It is a circular opening in a garden wall that acts as a pedestrian passageway, and is a frequent feature of Chinese architecture.

© Yang Wei

Enhanced ventilation with bricks

Brick screens were used for the walls to respond to the microclimate in the courtyard. North China experiences a lot of windy weather; the strong convection is blocked outside the wall but the airflow is still maintained inside the courtyard. An interplay of shadow and light, changing throughout the day, lends each hour its own unique look and feel. The mottled structure of the bricks enhances this effect.

© Yang Wei
  • Project name
    Beijing Rong Shu Club, Bei Jing, China
  • Architect
    Wang Ge /Yang Wei
  • Used products

    Terca Pagus Grijs Zwart

  • Year of completion
Terca Belbrook

Façade bricks

Terca Pagus Grijs Zwart