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© Ruud Peijnenburg

Functional Beauty with clay pavers

Redirecting and slowing down traffic can be achieved in a variety of ways: with signs, lines, stripes, poles, speed ramps, traffic lights, road narrows and controls. The municipality of Langedijk in the Netherlands chose an attractive and functional alternative – clay pavers.

Although there is no legal requirement for the design of speed humps in the Netherlands, there are guidelines for their use, though the choice of material is left to the respective local authority. Colour-fast fired Wienerberger paving brick lend themselves extremely well to this purpose, particularly for their durability. As they are available in a range of colours, mainly due to the variety of naturally occurring clay, they have the advantage that the colour differences are fixed during the firing process which allows them to retain their long-term visibility better than black-and-white painted patterns. Furthermore, the sustainability of natural clay is an important consideration for government authorities.

© Ruud Peijnenburg

Aesthetic infrastructure

Wienerberger supplied the pavers for a new-build housing estate in the municipality of Langedijk. The project required utmost attention regarding the design of the open and traffic areas particularly around schools. Distinct warning signs, poles and road surface signs protect children and other road users in these high-risk zones. The photos illustrate that a speed hump can be more than just an annoying obstacle in the road, but is a useful device in slowing down traffic as well as identifying the function of the buildings around it. Especially when it is done with the right material – the Wienerberger clay pavers will ensure functional beauty.

© Ruud Peijnenburg
  • Project name
    Traffic-calming concept, Langedijk, The Netherlands
  • Architect
    Maarten Koning
  • Used products

    Penter Bruno KK70 rust red, Penter Argenti KK65 white


Penter Bruno KK70 rust red and Penter Argenti KK65 white