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Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing

European materials, Chinese inspiration

Located northwest of Beijing‘s centre, China, in a desirable residential neighbourhood, the imperial Summer Palace represents a never-seen-before luxury property project as it combines the influences of two different cultures. Chinese and western architecture meet in perfect symbiosis under a clay roof.

All 91 grand houses which make up the Imperial Summer Palace are well designed by architect Mr. Feng Wenfei, using traditional Chinese features whilst integrating simplistic characteristics and technology from western sources in a genial way to reflect the image of an emerging China.

Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing

Meeting of orient and occident

Mr. Feng Wenfei managed to create buildings with spiritual significance, based on ceremonies of the Confucian theory and philosophical thinking of Western civilization; but they also use advanced material and techniques to construct buildings with very imposing exteriors and delicate, elegant interiors. Architects selected high quality materials from sources in Europe and took inspiration from the Chinese imperial gardens. Traditional large Chinese roofs are combined with low-pitched rooflines.

Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing

Traditional roof newly interpreted

The roof of an ancient Chinese building is sloped, which plays an important role in chromatic townscape. In earlier time, the roofs’ colour was slate. With the development of techniques in tile making, tile colours became wider. However, the colour usage in ancient architecture is regulated by hierarchy and the theory of five colours and five essences. New techniques to produce roof tiles made an expansion of the shade range possible. Considering engobed tiles that feature in ancient Chinese palaces, they selected Wienerberger clay roof tiles. The use of three different clay roof tiles in blue braised and natural red reminds of an ancient imperial palace.

Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing
  • Project name
    Villenpark Imperial Summer Palace, near Beijing, China
  • Architect
    Mr. Feng Wenfei, WFA Design Inc.
  • Used products

    Koramic OVH blue braised and natural red


Roof tiles

Koramic OVH blue braised and natural red