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A villa like a Chinese palace

The privately owned Chinoiserie villa in Beijing, China, sets high standards when it comes to living in style and comfort. Paying tribute to the culture and history of the city, this residential jewel shines with a traditional brick structure in red. 1,500.000 façade bricks were used to create the elegant and representative look of the villa.

An eye for details

The single-family house immediately catches the eye, much time and thought was put into details, like the ornamentation that can be found on the doors, above the windows and the surrounding walls in the garden. On top of that the pillar design and the impressive gate finalize the impression that one is visiting a Chinese place with a modern touch. The nature of a traditional Chinese courtyard house was perfectly captured.

Many reasons for brick

After careful consideration, the facing brick series Gravita with abundant color variation and grainy texture was chosen. The decision is in conjunction with the idea to give the villa a warm appearance in combination with the grey stone. The delicately staggered bricks not only support the heavy roof system but also enhance the expression of the house. External wall insulation technology was used and the bricks excellent heat storage enhance the desired effect. The brick villa serves as a best-practice example for a modern interpretation of Chinese traditional architectural culture.

  • Project name
    Chinoiserie Villa, Beijing, China
  • Architect
    FANG Yunfei, Tsinghua University
  • Used products

    Terca Gravita PHM

  • Year of completion
Terca Gravita

Façade bricks

Terca Gravita