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What Sustainability means for us

At Wienerberger, sustainability constitutes an important core value of the corporate culture and strategy. It also serves as a main source of innovation for new ideas and optimized products.

Clay products for saving the environment

Bricks, roof tiles and clay pavers represent particularly green and sustainable building materials. They are made of only natural materials such as clay and water, extracted respecting the environment.

The longer the service life of a product, the smaller is the impact of the material on the environment. Clay materials can easily last for over 150 years and therefore have a very long service live. This ensures a high quality of living for a lifespan and makes an active contribution to the fight against climate change.


Our Social Responsibility

Wienerberger considers the economy has the obligation to serve people, create value for everybody and contribute positively to society.

This responsibility encompasses creating the framework for a safe and healthy working environment, active involvement in the creation of a transparent economic environment, observing ethical principles in all our actions, honest communication, personal accountability for what we do, and acting as a reliable and contributing member of society.

For further information, please refer to the Wienerberger sustainability reports.

Click here to read or download them.