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Editorial – issue 23

Modern architects enjoy the freedom of exploring working with bricks and tiles and continue to use them to construct outstanding buildings.

There are many ways to use ceramic materials to create unusual aesthetic solutions: forming brick screens, integrating relief effects, laying special masonry bonds, unusual colour choices, and using roof tiles for a façade are just some of the possibilities. We work in partnership with architects to develop innovative products and deliver truly unique solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to help craft vibrant new building materials – custom-made to suit contemporary architecture. From special glazing, and unique structures or profiles, to whole new formats – we love creating exciting new solutions for architects. Facing bricks and roof tiles are materials that lend themselves to innovation, and which will continue to impress. Take a look at our featured projects to see for yourself the effects that can be achieved – the results are remarkable!

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CEO Christof Domenig