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Editorial – issue 22


For architects, the amount of work to be done on existing buildings is steadily increasing. This reflects the advancing age of buildings, an increased awareness of sustainability issues, heritage protection and economical concerns. But it is also due to a growing appreciation of existing structures. When these structures are of high quality, renovation is an excellent choice.

In architectural terms, it’s all about breathing new life into an old building using modern materials and designs that both compliment and update existing features. Contemporary architecture incorporates the past to create something new and exciting – with a wide range of creative potential.

That’s why demolition is not the most obvious first choice for architects and clients nowadays. Buildings and spaces bearing traces of the past are transformed into new exciting concepts and spark attention in the architecture scene. Ceramic materials are perfectly suited for the task. Used in old constructions, they age beautifully without losing durability and energy efficiency. Used to complement the old structure, the natural material is visually appealing, versatile and provides a modern touch while connecting present and past.

The projects carefully selected for this issue demonstrate the value of renovation using sophisticated concepts and creative approaches to design.

Enjoy reading!

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CEO Christof Domenig