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Editorial – issue # 21


The construction industry has a vast potential to contribute to a sustainable society. Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption over their lifespan. Therefore the EU has set new targets to change that – all buildings constructed as of the beginning of 2021 have to consume nearly zero energy. This will affect the way we build in the future.

Sustainability and energy efficiency have to be considered right from the start in the planning phase, starting with the right choice of building materials. With our innovative and energy-efficient ceramic product solutions and our holistic housing concepts we support architects and builders to fulfill all these future requirements today.

Clay blocks, bricks and roof tiles as well as clay pavers are not only aesthetic but also represent particularly green and sustainable building materials. They consist of natural raw materials and are produced in close proximity to the market, which helps keep the transportation distances short. Furthermore, they have a very long service life – easily lasting for over 150 years. They guarantee a high quality of living and make an active contribution to the fight against climate change.

Some of the best examples of sustainable and energy-efficient projects can be found in this issue. They demonstrate that with the help of innovative clay products you can realize futureproof buildings right now.

Enjoy reading!

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Signature Christof Domenig

Christof Domenig - CEO Clay Building Materials Europe