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Editorial – issue # 19


Preservation of traditional buildings and values for generations, adaptation of space concepts for flexible use, increase in value, energy efficiency, improvement of infrastructure and quality of life, and of course the restoration of the original aesthetic appearance also plays an important role.

In the past, buildings were often demolished without much thought and high quality buildings were destroyed. This has changed over the past years. Renovation is trend. Historical buildings such as the Preußensiedlung in Germany, which was built in 1913 are not only preserved, but rather they are also perfected.

But what about the financial aspects? This factor must be taken into account if economical terms are considered. Energetic refurbishment of buildings saves considerable amounts of energy, as in the case of the housing complex in Mettmann, Germany, where energy consumption was almost halved by means of a successful renovation. The resale value of re- novated building is also much higher. Thanks to successful renovation, the owners of the house in Mechelen, Belgium, were able to obtain a return of 20% – a worthwhile investment.

Experts are needed to successfully implement renovation projects. Architects enliven and improve old building structures with their creativity and know-how. The choice of the right building material is also decisive. Bricks are a part of our building culture; they have lasting value, economical, energy efficient and contemporary. Unique projects of this type clearly illustrate: A professional renovation in collaboration with architects is always worthwhile!


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Christof Domenig - CEO Clay Building Materials Europe